Transformational “Clarity Coaching”

People always ask what transformational “Clarity Coaching” is……

Life Coaching is a process that enables you to get from where you are now to where you want to be – giving you the happy qualitative life YOU deserve. Leading to a transformation in your whole life.

The art and science of Coaching in a nutshell is working with someone to help them identify, uncover, and develop the amazing human potentials  they possess.

When people come to me for coaching what they say is “…I don’t feel I am where I should be” or “I am very confused as to what decision to take about……..”. I have discovered that even intelligent people could get into a stagnation rut, and having a life coach enables them to focus holistically on their life and identify the way forward.

I went through that process when I thought I had seen it all and had so much still within me waiting to ‘burst’ loose and you know what? With ALL my knowledge, I got stuck in the way forward until I had a wonderful  life coach who guided me through, and I discovered that my life’s purpose is to build people up in their personal and work life.

So, Clarity Coaching is a facilitation process in which healthy people, like you and I, identify, select, and accomplish personal and professional goals. Remember, footballers have to be led by a Football Coach to instil skills that make them ‘winners’

Typically people uncover a desire to:

  • Achieve a goal or ambition.
  • Change or improve their career.
  • Improve health, wellbeing and fitness.
  • Increase self-confidence or self-esteem.
  • Improve the balance between work and home life.
  • Change the direction of their lives.
  • Find a solution to a lack of team work

So, what are the benefits of Clarity Coaching

I always say, “The purpose of life is to live, learn, love and be happy,” and for me that is the real benefit of coaching. What happiness actually means is unique to each and every one of us, and more and more people are turning to a clarity coaches to help them discover a great deal more happiness in their life.

Benefits you will gain will include:

  • Clarity– about what you want, why you want it and how you can get it.
  • Bridging– the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.
  • Strategies– and techniques which facilitates you to reach your goal faster.
  • Overcome– obstacles, low confidence and insecurities.
  • Explore– and evaluate all possible options available.
  • Dedicated– time, support, encouragement and motivation.

What is the coaching process?

I have one-on-one coaching, group coaching and coaching by skype or telephone. Coaching by phone and Skype allows me to work with anyone, anywhere in the whole world

What happens during a Coaching session?

Targetted questions are asked and tools are used to help in finding root causes and solutions to guide to the focus of your coaching goal. Also each session with be about fifty minutes. During this time action steps will arise.

How is coaching different from therapy?

The main difference is that therapy is often past-focused, while coaching is present- and future-focused. Also, therapy’s purpose is generally to facilitate healing, while coaching aims to facilitate personal development toward your goals and dreams.

That isn’t to say that your coaching journey won’t be deeply healing — for most of my clients, it is. Coaching will provide you with a safe space to nurture yourself as you work toward change.

Clarity Coaching is an investment in YOU, and it will benefit

Clarity Coaching is an investment in YOU and the investment is relative to your future happiness;  the investment is relative to a gym membership, meals out or purchase of materials items you may not really need or …… all of which bring you short term gain.

Investing in Clarity  Coaching is going to equip you with tools and techniques that you can use again and again…even in issues that concern members of your family, friends and colleagues at work.

So, what is that situation that seems to be ‘seizing your peace?” Let me work with you towards a solution.  

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