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Laila St.Matthew-Daniel


Feeling Stuck, Confused or Frustrated?


Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it!

Organisational Coaching

Are you looking to achieve improved performance through employee engagement and trainings? If so, myself and team have provided transformational training/coaching to top executives and management of local and international companies in the following areas

  • Developing more effective leadership skills
  • Managing dynamic team relationships
  • Improving cross cultural communication skills
  • Deploying emotional intelligence tools for peak performance.

Coaching & Counseling

Do you need some individual support – either to solve a particular problem or to work out what changes to make to feel generally more fulfilled and happier?

Like many of my clients, you may be feeling …

  • You don't have control over your life
  • You want to make some changes but aren’t sure where to start
  • You want clarity in your relationships
  • You are ready to take a decision to realign your life
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30 Things To Do BEFORE You Are THIRTY

By Laila St. Matthew-Daniel | January 8, 2018

A common refrain for people who start counting the years behind them is, “I wish I’d known then what I know now.” Hindsight can be a powerful motivational force that helps us evolve into a more successful and whole individual. Great. But can we skip a bit of the trial and error? You bet. Related:7 …

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By Laila St. Matthew-Daniel | November 1, 2017

ISSUES OF DEPRESSION The world literally turns to grey when we feel depressed and this leads to people asking the question why some people get depressed while others don’t. Depression is an extremely complex disease. No one knows exactly what causes it, but it can occur for a variety of reasons. Some people experience depression …


Any TOXIC Person In Your Life?

By Laila St. Matthew-Daniel | October 27, 2017

We all have at least one toxic person in our lives. Toxic people can be found among your co-workers, family members or even your so called friends. No matter where they are you must do all you can to handle the situation and rid them from your immediate circle. Toxic people are usually overcome by …

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Why You Need Executive Coaching

By Laila St. Matthew-Daniel | October 20, 2017

WHAT IS THE RETURN ON INVESTMENT(ROI) ON EXECUTIVE COACHING?   A 2001 Manchester study of 100 executives from Fortune 1000 companies found that the average ROI (return on investment) was 5.7 times the initial investment after a typical Executive & Leadership Coaching Assignment. WHY DOES COACHING WORK? It helps the Executive stay motivated and able …

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What Makes You Unique As A Coach?

By Laila St. Matthew-Daniel | October 10, 2017

In the marketing world, knowing what makes your business unique is known as your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) simply refers to whatever makes your business distinct and different from similar businesses. This is increasingly important to uncover as the online business space gets more and more crowded. After all, you’re not …

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Interview with Tony Elumelu Foundation

By Laila St. Matthew-Daniel | October 9, 2017

Laila St. Matthew Daniel speaks on mentoring Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs