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Rebuilding Your Life

After Emotional Abuse 

"The Journey to Healing"

                                  with Laila St. Matthew-Daniel

 Course Starts: 

May 10th, 2019


After leaving an abusive situation, you must learn to live a life free from regrets, bitterness, un-forgiveness, and in extreme cases, a desire for revenge.

Living with someone who does not treat you with the love and respect you deserve can be very damaging. You loose your self-esteem, your self-confidence – this in turn affects your ability to be all you can be.

If you are finding it difficult to move on with your life, then you need to address the underlying issues that is holding you bound to the memories and effects of the disturbing years with your partner. 

This situation applies to any toxic situation that you are or have been exposed to.

Introducing you to the On Line Course Just for YOU..

RYL Advert.png 2nd

          ...a transformational walk to enable emotional healing           & reinventing your life in 21 days

           In this course you will learn who you are and how you can regain your respect of SELF back.

  • You will understand that you are not to blame for whatever happened
  • You will learn how to shift mind blocks and replace them with life-changing strategies that will enable you to start afresh.
  • For some women, still in a relationship, you will be able to recognise if you are in an abusive relationship.
  • Become more emotionally intelligent in the way you respond to external negative triggers.
  • Learn that abusers rarely change and the path you have taken is a life-saving one, not only for yourself but for the emotional stability of your children.

You will learn to REFRAME your emotions and RECLAIM your power and REINVENT you. 


"I realised through this Course how important your values are if you want to live a happy life.  Be it in having a relationship or taking up a job etc., WOW.  Lesson 1 was POWERFUL.  That got me thinking  whoI really am!" - Chinwe

"The forgiveness part was a bit tough -I had to stop and go back later." - Sotunye

"Been an amazing journey with this course.  So many discoveries I am making about myself.  Thanks Mrs. D for this opportunity." Chinwe

"I thought I had got control of my feelings but the second lesson found me crying which surprised me greatly.  I needed this course." - Mrs. S

Inside this Private Course you will get:

      • 2 Modules 
      • 8 Lessons
      • Assignments
      • Worksheets
      • Private Support Facebook Group
      • And a 30-Day return guarantee.

Registration ends on the 9th May, 2019. Course will be launched on 10th May, 2019
Course fee: N35,000.00 ($97)


N35,000 ($97)..


If you encounter any payment difficulties send an smd to:          .....+234-80-3395-1460


mrs laila


Hello .....    

My name is Laila St. Matthew-Daniel, a Life Transformational & Emotions Coach.

In my over 20+ years work with people in different sectors - I have heard so many stories of heartbreak, confusion and shame from my clients - who before and after leaving an abusive relationship get a bit lost in how to recover from the effects of the former disrespect and battery.

That is why I decided to develop this accessible online course to help direct you on the path to rebuilding your life - to help you be strong and take back your integrity and control of your life in all areas - and be successful in all areas of your life - your relationships, your career, your emotions.

In this Course you will learn:

  • How to realign yourself from the person robbed of self esteem, and self confidence.
  • Recognize the signs you overlooked at the beginning and avoid a repeat.
  • Reclaim your power and take the first step in getting your strength and self worth back.
  • Deal with the hurts experienced.
  • Be able to better manage other relationships.
  • Tools to assist other people going through same experience.
  • You will learn how to Set healthy boundaries with former abuser.
  • Learn to take care of yourself; spirit, soul and body.
  • Understand the healing of forgiveness.
  • Steps to finding love again.
  • Locate your inner strength and learn self-compassion/love.
  • Know and unlearn unhealthy coping strategies.
  • The self-esteem boosting blueprint for a stronger new you.
  • How to maintain healthy relationships

Additional Bonus Gifts for you when you register to take this course.

  • 2 months mentoring  (worth $1,500).
  • Be given discounts on all other Laila St Matthew -Daniel Online Courses.
  • other bonuses that will be revealed to you within the course.


What happens after I purchase the Online Course?
Answer: As soon as we get proof of payment.  We will begin to communicate with you with uplifting messages.  Then on the 10th of May, 2019, you receive your link to the Course page.  And you can then join the PRIVATE Support Group.
How Long will the course last?
Answer:  It will be for 5 weeks – and by 'drip' method -  every 4 days you will get a Lesson and will be given an assignment before you start the next lesson. This will enable you to get the full benefits before going to the next lesson.
How Am I Sure I Will Benefit From The Course?
Answer:  I have years of experience in dealing with victims and survivors of  various forms of abuse.  The positive testimonials is what made me decide to build a course to reach more women, who may not be able to see me on a one-on-one or attend my Workshops/Seminars.  I can tell you that this Course will change your life, giving you the strength you need to empower yourself, repair your self-esteem and have the happy life you desire.  Also, the Support Group will give you additional support you need - you are not alone.
I don’t know if I am in an abusive situation – though I feel I may be.  Will this Course help me also?
Answer:  Yes, it will.  Through this course, you will discover the signs of abuse that could destroy your self-esteem.  You will be able to then decide if you can stop his abuse by staying or leaving. It will also give you the desire to create a fulfilling life by remembering that YOU have a purpose.
YOU are a survivor and it is my desire to assist you to stop living in guilt, fear and shame. To stop wondering how you can LIVE again. So, I can assure you that after this course you will be transformed to become the total ~YOU.  Taking the first step is the most difficult. The strength you took to leave the abusive situation is the strength you need to take action NOW to recover your lost dignity.
There is no amount too much to enable you get the strength to stand up for yourself and regain the dignity and respect you deserve.
See you on line on the 10th May, 2019.......
To a Phenomenal YOU

Laila St. Matthew-Daniel                                                                         

Course fee:


Course will be launched on

Friday May 10th, 2019