MENDR™ for Individuals

What  MENDR™  helps individuals to achieve:

  • Improved clarity of purpose in your personal life -resolution of "who am I", "why am I in this situation" and "how can I move forward"

  • Unblock emotional hurdles brought about by childhood trauma

  • Identify and clarify causes and effects of situations that underpin challenges in the personal life and work place

  • Resolve uncertainties and doubts about situations presenting challenges in your interpersonal relationships

  • Manage the causes and effects of negative emotions more wisely

MENDR™ Personal Coaching Programs

  1. Clarity Coaching - One Month/3Months/6 months/ 12 months

  2. Personal VIP Strategy Sessions

  3. Goal Setting Sessions

  4. One-On-One Coaching

  5. Executive Personal Coaching Sessions