Jacinta  Services

MEND Resolutions for Optimal Performance
(Mind, Emotion, Norms, Direction) Resolutions

Jacinta's MEND.R™  is a transformative Coaching/Counseling | Training solution to many of the issues affecting personal, team and corporate growth and success. It brings deep and lasting changes to clients through the deployment of various emotional and behavioural tools to engage the subconscious mind; thereby producing incredible transformation in attitude and actions. This in turn guarantees the desired outcome and ensures the fulfillment of the overall organisational objectives for optimal performance and productivity, and the individuals desire to live optimally.

What MEND.R™  does:  
  • MEND.R™  focuses on the Mind - as an unfocused or unclear mind cannot deliver on individual and work place performance and productivity.
  • MEND.R™  empowers Emotions - as an imbalance in emotional states of people have a negative impact on personal relationships, happiness, performance and productivity.
  • MEND.R™  resolves intrinsic Norms - impacting on personal relationships, organisational effectiveness and productivity.
  • MENDR™  provides Direction and Clarity - in enabling the resolution of negative impacts associated with the mind, emotions and norms.
  MEND.R™ Packages:
  1.  MEND.R™ Trainings - targetted trainings to address issues that  may compromise the goals and focus of the orgnization.
  2. MEND.R™ Counselling - to build up a person's capacity to address       daily challenges.  ss
  3.   MEND.R™ Keynote - Dr. Laila St. Matthew-Daniel hc  is a prolific        speaker on issues that addresses the mind emotions, attitude and      behaviour as it applies to organizational and personal peak                     performance and productivity.
  4.     MEND.R™ Group Coaching - for targetted departments to enable           interpersonal, cultural  and communication cohesion; AND                   groups needing healing in spiritual and personal environments.

MEND.R™ for Organisations

Our MEND.R™ transformational leadership coaching programs are designed to empower Executives, Management, and personnel in managerial positions to achieve their utmost peak performance. Below are some of our programs. Read More


MEND.R™ for Individuals

MEND.R™  helps individuals to achieve Improved clarity of purpose in your personal life -resolution of "who am I", "why am I in this situation" and "how can I move forward". It also Unblocks emotional hurdles brought about by childhood trauma. Read More