Creating Wealth through Emotions Mastery

Next Sessions: June 5th, August 1st, October 3rd

If you find that your business is not progressing as it should or your professional life is not advancing as it should - it may not be because of technical issues. It may be due to not being able to harness emotions properly and therefore affects outcomes and profitability!

Emotions play a large role in how you communicate in your business and even your profession and how you impact on those you interact with.  The consequences that emotional states have, are both behavioural and attitudinal, and have substantial significance for you in any area you are in - both in your business and your profession.

Positive emotions in the workplace help employees obtain favorable outcomes, including achievement, job enrichment and quality interpersonal relationships.  Same as your profession.. you are able to work in a conducive environment that would enable high performance and productivity. On the other hand,  “Negative emotions", such as fear, anger, stress, hostility, sadness, and guilt, increase the predictability of low success rate and how customers will view your business; and colleagues view your impact.

This WhatsApp Class* Negative Emotions & U’ will assist with the following learning outcomes:

Business owners and professionals will learn..... 
- how to identify the limiting negative emotions
- how they are affecting your business and progress
- practical ways to convert those negative emotions into positive emotions for greater success
- ...and live a more productive, fulfilling, and powerful life!

*This awesome Class is being offered at a discounted affordable investment sum of N7,500/-

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2019 should be the year you invest in personal development for optimal business and professional success,