Hello, and welcome to this Coaching  page that offers different services to enable you transcend the challenges of life and maintain work/life integration to enable optimal living.  You will be able to attain the happiness you so  deserve.  To make any meaningful change to happen, it is important that you are  prepared to be committed and be diligent to get the results you want.

        YOU are the Captain of YOUR ‘life’ Ship – STEER it well.

Below are some of my personal development programs for your life, career and relationships:

Personal Coaching

My hands-on life, business and professional coaching program for career and business people, especially women, will help you stretch yourself beyond your presumped capabilities – bursting through the glass ceiling to achieve the confidence and goals you desire.

I will work with you to enable the discovery of ‘self - leading to self awareness, self mastery, self-expression  - this will assist you to understand who you are, what your passion and purpose is, thereby achieving a balance that will drill into what is required to achieve the kind of life you desire, and how to attain it.   At the end, you will be equipped to cope with various life issues, and set personal goals or engage in any form of self-improvement.  You will receive the transformational help you need to create success in any area of your life.   Get in touch for the private tailored support you require.

Clarity Session – one-on-one

I normally advice my clients to commit to the 3 or 6 month coaching program so as to walk the steps for sustainable change. 

This program is a laser focused one and best  if you have a specific issue you need clarity on - are a bit confused, need to see things from a different perspective, need a boost in the area of self esteem, self confidence, self worth, to build your belief system or need mindset shifting. Also if you are suffering from anxiety and stress and need to get to a place in your mind where you can relax more and be happier.

Testimony:   “In less than 30minutes of speaking with Mrs. D, she ‘got’ me, understood exactly what my problem was, inspired me and fired me up to totally believe in myself again, and gave me specific advice and guidance as to how to turn any negative thoughts I may have into positive ones. The hour spent seemed like 5 minutes. I am now more focused on my vision and what my goals ….” Rebecca Dare

“When I met with Mrs D, she is called, I felt a peace that I will have the solution I needed to handle the confusion I felt with my business and exactly where I wanted it.

Clarity Goal Setting Coaching-  4 Sessions

Without goals, you might as well be lost in a forest without a compass. Goals provide direction and a road map for your life.

This is a 4 session program for those who are inundated with ideas and dreams and find themselves not achieving much in any of them.

I will assist you to clearly identify your goals and start you on the process of aligning your life with your purpose – what you love and what you are meant to do.

Testimony:  As a creative person I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do.  But what I found was that I would start and not finish any of my intended projects.  I felt like a failure because at my age nothing seemed to work.  I met Laila St. M D at an occasion and I discussed with her my absolute frustration and lack of focus.  She gave me a free 15 minute session to get a bearing of my issues.  Then I took this Clarity Goal Setting program. Working with her showed me that I was not a failure but my methods were the ones limiting my ability to be successful.  Midway, I knew exactly how and why I should prioritise, drilled down to the most important goal and how to achieve it. By the end, I had started on the path I wanted to take as the first priority.  I will recommend this program for any serious entrepreneur or professional who wants to achieve huge goals. – Anthony.

Within the 4 sessions I had with her, she helped to unravel the different areas causing problems in my business, and enabled to identify where I should focus in the first instance. We set new goals and timelines, at the same time it opened me up to understanding myself better and what drives me.” Chinenye Azuka

Breakthrough Clarity Coaching-10 Sessions

These coaching sessions will help you discover ‘you’ and  move forward in your life and career positively and purposefully.  Empowering you with practical and powerful tools to help you deal decisively with challenges that may come your way in your career and business path.

This package is for you, if you have the feeling of being stuck or trapped in your thought processes and need focus, direction and a breakthrough. Ideal if you are ready to make a drastic change from a life of mediocrity and using the same methods and yet wanting a positive change.

You will find yourself positively breathing in clear new fresh energy and new empowering ways of thinking.

The programme consists of fortnightly one-on-one sessions with me, by telephone, skype, or email, with weekly accountability and full email support.  There will also be a bonus of a 4 week support after completion of the program.

Testimony: “This coaching programme has transformed the way I see my life. By using her techniques I have identified exactly what motivates me and I now have clarity on which direction I want to take my life. Laila’s ability to ask the right questions and hone in on the right answers has led me to realise precisely where I derive my energy and I now have a clear sense of the areas in my life that I wish to channel that energy." - Lisa

"Through the coaching programme I discovered what my values are, and with this knowledge I now prioritise only the activities that have a positive influence in my life. These revelations have given me a solid foundation on which to build and work towards my life of no limits.” -Max,

Behavioural Coaching for Attitude Change (4 sessions)

Most will be four(6) transformative coaching sessions to help you to bring about a change of negative attitude that you have observed is keeping you from achieving your goals or maintaining good relationships.   Tools deployed will be a combination of processes, models and methodology to address the beliefs, values, emotions, motivation levels that influence positive behaviour.

Relationships (Dating & Marriage)

In a relationship there are solvable problems and unsolvable problems.  Problems can remain unsolved for years when the skills and information needed to communicate effectively are not present, resulting in unhappiness and resentment.  Unsolved and unsolvable problems result in failed relationships and can be prevented or overcome with Relationship Coaching.

Also BEFORE YOU SAY I DO it is essential to have Relationship Coaching for values, and personality checks.  A lot of issues plaguing marriages can be traced to incompatible differences that could have been addressed or worked upon before marriage.

Take advantage of a FREE 30min diagnostic session and book an appointment.

The Amazing Woman Coaching program 

This program is a self actualization move to enable you to life in the fullness of your capabilities and capacities.  You will learn:

  • How to open your eyes to new ways of experiencing your life, eliminating stress and anxiety,
  • How to increase your self-confidence and clarity to achieve the things that matter to you no matter how much outside pressure tries to pull you away.
  • How to give yourself a turbo-boost of momentum toward overcoming long standing obstacles and attain your goals.
  • How to redefine “success” through intellectually knowing WHO YOU ARE

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