Our Coaching Focus


Personal Coaching

To promote self-discovery, self-awareness, self-mastery, self-expression so as to have an understanding of ‘WHO YOU ARE’ which would enable you cope with various life issues, and sett personal goals or engag in any  form of self-improvement

Behavioural Coaching for Attitude Change

To bring about a change of negative attitude using a combination of processes, models and methodology to address the beliefs, values, emotions, motivation levels that influence positive behaviour.

Relationships (Dating & Marriage)

In a relationship there are solvable problems and unsolvable problems.  Problems can remain unsolved for years when the skills and information needed to communicate effectively are not present, resulting in unhappiness and resentment.  Unsolved and unsolvable problems result in failed relationships and can be prevented or overcome with Relationship Coaching.

Goal Setting & Coaching

Without goals, you might as well be lost in a forest without a compass. Goals provide direction and a road map for your life. Your Life Coach will lead you identify your goals and starts the process of aligning your life with your purpose--what you love and what you are meant to do.

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