Any TOXIC Person In Your Life?

We all have at least one toxic person in our lives. Toxic people can be found among your co-workers, family members or even your so called friends. No matter where they are you must do all you can to handle the situation and rid them from your immediate circle.

Toxic people are usually overcome by jealousy, extreme anger and hate. They are very sensitive and expect other people to panda to their whims and caprices. The overall issue is that somewhere in their lives they were met with some form of disappointment and rather than heal this hurt they internalized it and allowed it to over run their lives with bitter emotions – shrouded in insecurities and low self esteem which they cover up by material things or pompous behaviour. They lay a lot of importance in physical acquisitions and use every opportunity to ‘brag’. When you don’t give them the complete attention they require, they make you a mental enemy.

Such people hold an incredible amount of negative psychic energy and in their company you may find yourself unable to make progress. How can you when they shoot out psychic arrows towards you? Before you can do anything about it you must be able to at least know a toxic person.

Your body is the best gage for this sort of energy. You may find yourself feeling twisted, tired and dragged down. Your head may be come clouded and foggy with confusion when you are with them. Their presence wears you down.

Take this as a sign, as your body is a receiver of psychic energy and responds accordingly to the energy it receives. The longer you allow that energy to remain the stronger it gets lodged within your aura. So what should you do?

1.) Get a sheet of paper and write down the name of any one whose energy leaves you drained.
2.) Beneath their name, write out as many phrases that describes how you feel around that person. Not how you ‘think’ of the person – but how you ‘feel’
3.) Writing it out will help you not only identify what you are feeling but it will help you in trusting your own feelings. Often times we don’t want to believe that a person we trust may be toxic or intentionally harming us by sending bad energy.
4.) Ask yourself, ‘In what way is this person benefiting my life?’ Write that out as well. Again doing that will bring you stronger awareness of what is going on in and aroundyou.

Before you can clear energy you have to be aware of it. You have to be able to identify it for what it really is.

Then, turn all to the Lord in prayer and take yourself out of their immediate vicinity.

If for any reason you can’t leave the vicinity of the person, your positive thought process will enable a strong shield around you.


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