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Registration for the Online Course -"Rebuilding Your Life After Emotional Abuse." When you don't master the emotional and psychological hurts of your past, it affects all that you do.

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Organisational Coaching

Are you looking to achieve improved performance through employee engagement and trainings? If so, myself and team have provided transformational training/coaching to top executives and management of local and international companies in the following areas

  • Developing more effective leadership skills
  • Managing dynamic team relationships
  • Improving cross cultural communication skills
  • Deploying emotional intelligence tools for peak performance.

Coaching & Counseling

Do you need some individual support – either to solve a particular problem or to work out what changes to make to feel generally more fulfilled and happier?

Like many of my clients, you may be feeling …

  • You don't have control over your life
  • You want to make some changes but aren’t sure where to start
  • You want clarity in your relationships
  • You are ready to take a decision to realign your life
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5 Steps To Release Negativity & Stay Positive

By Laila St. Matthew-Daniel | September 5, 2019

We get assailed daily with news through the social media, print and air media – some are positive but most are news of various forms of disaster or actions that inadvertently could affect our thoughts and our moods. You need to know how to deflect the effects of these negative news. This could also happen …

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Change as a Catalyst for Transformation

By Laila St. Matthew-Daniel | August 21, 2019

People bandy the word ‘change’ from issues that are personal, to bigger issues that concern an organization or a Country. What does it mean to enable a change that would result in a glaring transformation of whatever we want? The word change normally refers to new beginnings. But transformation, often happens when something falls about not when …

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Transformative LifeStyle Changes For a Healthier YOU

By Laila St. Matthew-Daniel | June 27, 2019

Transform Your Mind and Change Your Lifestyle for a Healthier YOU

Letting Go Of The Past

By Laila St. Matthew-Daniel | March 26, 2019

The root foundation of issues that stop you from being successful at work, in relationships, with family and friends could be traced to the fact that you are allowing yourself to be hindered by issues of the past. Issues that are holding you bound from attaining the best that you are meant to be. This …

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Transformational “Clarity Coaching”

By Laila St. Matthew-Daniel | March 15, 2019

When you know who you really are, then you will begin to manifest your FULL potential.

Getting Through a Major Life Shift

By Laila St. Matthew-Daniel | May 20, 2018

We hear the word CHANGE with reference to various issues, but CHANGE, especially a major shift in one’s life can be quite tough, difficult and scary.  In a society it is even  very tough and difficult.  Change strikes FEAR in the hearts of a lot of people who prefer to reside in their ‘comfort zone’.  …

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